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Penile Prosthesis Implant for ED, Lengthening, and AlloDerm for Girth

Interested in simultaneous 3-piece inflatable penile implant and penile lengthening procedures.I am a 51-year-old male in excellent health but with inconsistent/unreliable response to vaso dilators (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra), i My questions: (1) Is there an alternative to external traction to maintain/enhance length gain following release of the suspensory ligament?  Such as permanently suturing the penis…Continue Reading

Will you do simultaneous penile length and girth enlargement with AlloDerm

Dear Dr. Reed, Will you do simultaneous penile length and girth enlargement with AlloDerm? Alberto Dear Alberto, This is a blueprint for disaster. Never insert AlloDerm until you are happy with your length result. Lengthening is 35% Dr. Reed and 65% traction by Alberto. AlloDerm dos not stretch and in fact may transiently cause you…Continue Reading

Need AlloDerm and possible removal of scar tether after augmentation done elsewhere

December 6, 2015 Dear Dr. Reed I’m a man from Norway, 32 years old, and have had a length and girth enlargement done 6 month ago, pre-op I was 3 inch non erected and 5,5 inch erected, post-op my result was 5 inch non erected and 8 inch in simulated erection, as you can guess…Continue Reading

more AlloDerm for penile girth enhancement

December 6, 2015 Dear Dr. Reed, I would like to get the Alloderm Girth Enhancement and have a couple questions. I have researched that the Alloderm strips are better to be layered or folded under the skin placed together as one for a more natural result without ridges, this technique was used on a friend…Continue Reading

Enlarging the head of my penis (glans) with AlloDerm

Dr. Reed, Visited http://penisdoctor.com/before-after-penile-enlargement/ and see the before and after photos with AlloDerm. Can you enlarge my head and why is AlloDerm so special? Nestor Dear Nestor, I’ve been doing penile girth enhancement since about 1995, that’s 20 years.  Have used liposuctioned fat, also called autolgous fat transfer, silicone strips, dermal-fat grafts, B-Derm (pardon me) and…Continue Reading

AlloDerm for penile girth enhancement

Dr. Reed Why are you such a big fan of AlloDerm for penile girth enhancement? Mitch Good morning Mitch, Our experience with penile girth enhancement goes back for 20 years. We have done, liposuctioned fat transfer (autologous fat transfer, AFT) dermal-fat strips, silicone strips, Belladerm and AlloDerm. Please understand penile girth should be done as…Continue Reading