Unhappy with my circumcision

Dr. Reed, Need a Circumcision Revision.  i’m writting you from very far away, because i am unhappy with the result of my circumcision. This was performed because i had redundant foreskin, which made me had smegma and balanitis. I would like to know that if even i am from another country, can you see my case. Best Regard Hoping a positive answer, take really good care. P.S. I can travel on January to Miami.

Dear Fillip,

We do many Circumcision revisions every month.   The reasons include loose skin, irregular scar line, hypertrophic scar, large suture tracks or hash marks, a frenulum removal, asymmetrical result.

Start by sending some photos to Reed@srsMiami.com and do enclose your phone number and we’ll talk.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcisions-Miami

Cross hash lines or circumcision suture tracks

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